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It was late 2012 when Matas, Ugne, and David met. Three creative minds that all shared the same passion for the moving image and the process. All had the same vision to exceed our limits and produce quality work. It was a time when we started Zazu. 

We achieve great things, through a combination of craft and knowledge gained over a combination of twenty-five years industry experience. Our young blood is thirsty for creative adventures. Yet we are experienced and trustworthy.

Here at Zazu, we focus on producing unique, yet engaging and contemporary work. The work is as important as the pleasure we get from doing it. And with every piece of work, we focus on always being better and, what is most important, more relevant. 

Key players

Our method

With a help of modern technology, we are not tied to a certain location. For that reason we carry out work from anywhere we feel good at. No matter if it's a cozy coffee place, shared desk or a cabin in the woods. We value our time and our ability to be right where the inspiration is.


Founder + Art Director


Partner + Animator

Our headquarters are in Derby, UK. But our office is anywhere as we produce most of our work from Vilnius, Lithuania. 


Growth Consultant



Clients & Friends

Selected Clients

Either together or separately, or in collaboration with cool people and amazing studios from around the world. We have put our hands on great work for well-known brands globally.

Australian Vintage, Bombardier, DENSO, FIFA, Formula One, IMG, Invest Lithuania, Linkedin, Lithuanian National Radio and Television, Manchester Airport Group, McDonalds, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Olympic Channel, QA, Sainsbury, The Economist, The New Yorker, The Raconteur, The Royal Mail, Thomson Reuters, University of Derby, Charles Darwin University


More often than not great work would not be possible without people we collaborate with.

Our adventure continues

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We’re always on the lookout for cool people to collaborate with. Contact us if you feel that together we could create something extraordinary. We’re all ears!

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Want to know more about our process? Or you want to talk business? Either by phone for the more adventurous, Skype for the ones' on the go or e-mail for the more bashful, we should talk.

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We like to build great things. And great things take time.
With Semplice, we saved time and build our portfolio twice as fast.

We like to build great things. And great things take time. With Semplice we did it twice as fast.

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