Everyone has a story

We have one too

Our story began in 2012 when Matas, Ugnė and David met. These three creative minds shared a passion for motion design, but more importantly, the mutual vision of how things should be done.

Maintaining a conceptual attitude towards thorough execution led to some excellent work for well-known global brands. It was achieved either independently or collaborating with incredible people and studios around the world.

Now, after 10 years of collaborative work, Zazu unites a whole team of motion design creators, each professional in their field. Together we combine our experience and skills to craft unique, engaging and modern work.

Who we are

We are an experienced team of visionary thinkers and doers.

Together we work, inspire each other, and strive for ever-lasting growth. As a team, instead of sharing one office space, we share our mutual passion for motion design. And work from anywhere we feel good at. No matter if it’s a cosy coffee place, shared co-working desk, or a cabin in the woods.

We value our time, mobility, and right to be exactly where the inspiration leads us. Because no specific addresses can define us as creators, our work does. Working smart and enjoying every minute of it.

Our manifesto

What we believe in


Making promises we can keep


Leaving no room for shady processes


Respecting self-directing creative freedom


Keeping our doors open for new ideas


Taking time to develop original solutions

Our friends

We work with people

Either independently or in collaboration with cool people and amazing studios from around the world. We have put our hands on great work for well-known global brands.

Squint/Opera, George Miller, Julei, Meduktions, Pendulum, Surgery RedCow, Mantas Gr, Ignis, Otilija Mo, Matthew Rowett, Egle Palu, Pavelas Laptevas, Emilis Jonaitis, Ignas a.k.a. Ripit, Justas Gvazdauskas


Let's collaborate

Hard-working talents, visual artists, concept-believers, illustrators and all other designers, mographers, creative spirits.

A thing begun is half done.

Let's get to work.


Studio insights