London 2030

The main idea behind this project was to show how Central London could look in 2030 and the improvements client will be making on their real estate.


The Crown Estate


Four Zero One
Mantas Gr

Our role

Concept development


Four Zero One approached us with a cool idea to produce an interactive mural for The Crown Estate's stand at the London Real Estate Forum 2018 specifically depicting London's Regent Street area and how it could look like in 2030. 


Projection mapping

We did illustrate with a large scale output in mind. Firstly, our illustrated scene was printed on a vinyl with the dimensions of 5468x2600mm. It served us a clean background on which we projected the animated scenes. Secondly, we produced six different animated scenes. Each with a resolution of 5468x1550px. In order to project a single scene, two 4k projectors were used. Each projected half of the animated scene.

London2030_IMG 02_v1
London2030_IMG 01_v1


Considering the size of the mural it turned out that the real-world size of one character was about 100mm. Or 100px in a digital version. Therefore, we decided not to go into small details as it would not be visible at this scale.  A simplified flat style allowed us to deliver on time and balance time between illustration and animation accordingly.

London2030_IMG 03_v1

Illustrating a point

Once we created a reference to the actual Regent Street we started a creative improvisation. The entire scene had to show an ecosystem with buildings using green power generated through solar panels, clean air initiatives, recreational space, electric automobiles, drones, references to new and modern office space, VIP lounge to name a few. 

London2030_IMG 04_v1
London2030_IMG 05_v1
London2030_IMG 06_v1
London2030_IMG 07_v1

Interactive App

The main goal was to get visitors of the London Real Estate Forum 2018 involved and interact with The Crown Estate's stand. We achieved this by letting people play with an iPad and pick the scenes they like.

This project would not be possible without a close collaboration of cool professionals. This allowed us to produce great visuals and communicate the client's vision of how London's Regent Street area could look like in 2030. 

A thing begun is half done.

Let's get to work.


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