Laax Open

The LAAX OPEN, Europe’s most significant snowboarding event, which takes place in Swiss Alps every January. LAAX has been leading the way in freestyle for over three decades. It has been voted the ‘World’s Best Freestyle Resort’ four years in a row.


Laax Open


Sports Broadcast

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Concept developmentArt Direction3D modelingMotion-design

With 300 of the world’s top snowboarders as well as freeskiers descending on the Swiss Alps, Laax Open is Europe’s most anticipated snow sports competition. 

The Laax Open organisers approached us with a request to upgrade the event's slope video overview, which already felt dated.

Image by LAAX Open


For the first time working on such a project, it was exciting to see that the slope had been modelled in 3D prior to the event. The model was then used as a guide for slope shapers and bully drivers.

After examining the 3D file provided by the client, we had a good idea of how the slope video should look. To make the video feel dynamic we chose to use a minimalist colour palette and match-cut technique.



We utilized open 3D map data to accurately pinpoint the location of the Swiss Alps peak. It allowed us to create a slope model that is as realistic as possible. Moreover, this approach has significantly enhanced the authenticity of our project.

hill2before hill2after

A few different look options were explored. The first was simple: to show the slope as is - snow white. The other one, which was eventually chosen, was more challenging.

We have inverted colours and stylized the slope to match the looks of the existing Laax Open brand.

Style Exploration


The slope presentation we produced for The FIS Snowboard World Cup was a part of the event's broadcast package with transmissions on Eurosport2, RedBullTV, SRF Zwei, RTS and online streams.

Selected frames



Creative & Art Direction

Matas Zaloga

2D animation

Otilija Morozaitė

 3D Modeling

Ignas Kairelis


Emilis Jonaitis

Sound design

KG Sound

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