Here at we know that sometimes it’s a bit frustrating when you get seris of amazing illustrations that are poorly organized. For that reason, we decided to come up with a brief guide which covers a few basics of how to prepare Illustrator files for animation.

We also hope that it will make collaboration between illustrators and animators easier.

A list of topics we briefly cover in it:

Step 1 – Software
Step 2 – Colour space
Step 3 – Canvas size
Step 4 – Video safe area
Step 5 -Multiple artboards
Step 6 – Layers
Step 7 – Layer Effects
Step 8 – Scale of the artwork
Step 9 – Embedding images
Step 10 – File size
Step 11 – File format
Step 12 – File names
Step 13 – Editing illustrator files
Step 14 – Fonts

Download .PDF file here.

If you have any feedback or suggestions we’re all ears!

Happy illustration!