Our culture

Your talent

You already know our story. But there's more. We're on the lookout for a like-minded person, a hard-working talent, future all-star motionographer, designer, illustrator or wherever you excel at. Let's talk!

Exceptional work

You are a hard-working artist. You're a student. Or an experienced master of the craft. You can make the worst brief shine and you always deliver. 

Maximum Autonomy

You're able to work remotely and take your own decisions. You're good at juggling a few projects at once. We value your freedom.

Taking Responsibility

In order to be trusted, you have to take credit for your ideas and decisions. You keep your word and we can rely on you.

Creative Thinking

You're not restricted by tools or mediums. You like to experiment and keep your creative juice flowing. Dare to be creative.

Radical Transparency

You are honest and cool person. We are open about our creative process and how we do business. Transparency is trust.

Fast-Moving Mindset

You are not afraid to suggest new ideas. You can adapt to the ever-changing creative landscape. You are the one who tries to be one step ahead.

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